GREAT endeavors to support individuals, groups and agencies that are committed to combating human trafficking though:

  • Creation of Intelligence

  • Building capacity

  • Convening dialogue

  • Providing access to information

The work of GREAT

Create Intelligence

Through our research efforts, as well as the on-going analysis of incidents, emerging practices and investigative outcomes, GREAT endeavors to provide timely, relevant and topical information to our constituent community.

Convening dialogue

Through summits, workshops, conferences and networks, GREAT endeavors to provide the opportunity for information sharing, the exchange of ideas and professional development for all sectors.

Development and Coordination of Research

Through the funding, coordination and development of research in the field of human trafficking, GREAT endeavors to provide our constituent community with the latest in relevant research in the field.

Building capacity

From training information, to policy development through to legislative models, GREAT endeavors to provide the tools to strengthen the fight against human trafficking.

Coordination and collaboration across our partner community

Unlike other types of crime, human trafficking demands the close coordination, information sharing and collaboration of government agencies (including police, boarder security and prosecutors) with local, regional and community groups as well as international NGO’s. It is only through effective coordination and collaboration can we be successful in combating human trafficking.

Developing our Products and Services

GREAT is only able to support our partner community through their commitment to sharing information and ideas.  Our’s is a symbiotic relationship with all our partners, who are committed to the concept of “sharing good practices” to allow for the improvement of all.