What exactly are we

GREAT participates in the delivery of a broad spectrum of services in communities around the globe.

With your financial assistance, we are looking to achieve more!

Our work therefore falls into these four categories!


Training and professional development are critical elements in our efforts to combat human trafficking.  GREAT has developed and delivered training programs to at-risk youth in high schools, to police investigators undertaking human trafficking investigations and to community workers engaging with persons being trafficked.  Our training support ranges from live, in-person training delivery through to on-line training resources.


Human trafficking is a crime of exploitation and involves fear, coercion, deceit, threats and even violence.  However it is enabled through lack of knowledge, lax legislation, community misunderstanding, corruption and ignorance.  Gaining an understanding of how all these factors inter-relate and which strategies will have the greatest impact on a community is not yet well understood.   This requires significant dedicated research, and it is work that GREAT is currently engaged in, while seeking to expand global research in this area.


In 2013 GREAT hosted it’s first “Together Let’s Stop Traffick” global summit and since then we have held similar events across North America.  Today we support events that promote understanding, best practices and lessons learned for practitioners, NGO’s, policy makers and academic researchers.


Intelligence products fulfill a variety of critical needs; they can help define the size and scope of an issue; they can help identify available resource; they can help identify solution strategies but they are always critical for organizational planning and coordination.  GREAT draws upon experienced intelligence specialists to develop and deliver intelligence products that are required by governments, NGO’s and even communities as they plan and coordinate their response to human trafficking.

I want to support training

Your contribution helps GREAT design and delivery training for those at risk of being trafficked, through to the professional that help them.

I want to support research

Your contribution helps GREAT coordinate and undertake research in the field of human trafficking, including grants and scholarships for undergraduates and post-graduates.

I want to support dialogue

Your contribution helps GREAT plan and coordinate events ranging from local community discussions to internal summits, all with the intent to share ideas, coordinate resources and learn how to combat human trafficking.

I want to support intelligence

Your contribution helps GREAT collect, analyze and develop information to design intelligence tools to help governments, non-governmental organizations and communities respond to human trafficking.

The Global Research Epicenter Against Human Trafficking (known as GREAT) is a registered Canadian charity (CRA BN: 798215497RR0001) and operates as the “Global Resource Epicenter Against Human Trafficking”. Donations by Canadian taxpayers are processed through CanadaHelps and are eligible for tax deduction (a CRA approved receipt will be issued by CanadaHelps).  U.S. taxpayers may donate to GREAT through the American Fund for Charities a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 52 2109597 and are eligible for tax deduction (an IRS approved receipt will be issued through the American Fund for Charities).