How do we help

Building capacity for communities falls across many of the pillars within GREAT, and here are how we use them to help.

Training Support

Members of GREAT are providing training support in their own communities, as well as supporting communities around the globe.  GREAT endeavors to provide access to open source as well as curated training material to meet the needs of our constituent community,

Policy Support

Ranging from internal police agency policies through to recommendations for companies on Supply Chain integrity, we recognize that policies and guidance can help defeat traffickers by denying them to complacency, anonymity or ambiguity in which they may be allowed to thrive in the absence or good and clear guidance.

Legislative Support

Legislators around the world continue to wrestle with the creation of law and regulations that will stifle human trafficking while supporting human rights, domestic security and economic development.  GREAT is honour to have internationally recognized experts in this field to allow us to provide curated content as well as provide support and guidance to our constituent community.

Skills and Practices Development

Through training resources, the development of networks and communities of practice, academic research as well as conferences, seminars and summits, GREAT will continue to help build the professional skills and practices of organizations, agencies and individuals engaged in combating human trafficking, and supporting survivors.