So how do we

Intelligence analysis

Intelligence products in many different forms, with various stakeholders and with varying levels of focus are produced by the GREAT analysis unit. Access to analytical products is configured to ensure both adequate and appropriate access for the various sectors, groups and agencies that partner with GREAT.

Benefiting from the criminal intelligence models of the UNODC, and the OSCE, GREAT draws upon open source data, along with off-line data provided through our partner network to enhance the information and knowledge that we are working with.  This allows us to analyze and add value to this data and information and generate actionable intelligence for our constituent community.

Intelligence products range from emerging trends in trafficking, to innovative initiatives in recovery and re-integration, and are designed to address the needs of our entire constituent community, including NGO’s, government agencies, law enforcement, prosecutors and groups across the civil society spectrum.

We are mindful that intelligence products must be designed to meet the needs of the consumer, that they are used to help undertake both practical near-term events as well as long term strategic planning.


While academic research into human trafficking can provide insight into trends and emerging issues, there is also a need to ensure there is effective coordination into topics that are critical for practitioners. Linking practitioner and community needs to academic research not only assists the practitioner community with academically rigorous empirical research, but it helps academics identify topics that have practical and meaningful impact. GREAT will continue to expand its relationship with Universities and academic research centers around the globe. These efforts include assisting with the coordination of research as well as commissioning academic research into critical areas of human trafficking.


Through the development of partnerships, the engagement of the public and our donor community, GREAT allows for the creation of intelligence through the interaction of those connections. Further, while drawing upon the information and raw intelligence provided by our engaged stakeholders, GREAT will have the ability to generate intelligence from our interaction with our diverse partner base and the anti-trafficking community.