TSLT 2014 - Charlestown, W.V.

This collaborative international Summit shaping the operational foundations of the Global Resource Epicenter Against Human Trafficking was presented in collaboration with the American Public Service University in Charlestown, W.V.

DAY 1  


Leif Coorlim – CNN Freedom ProjectCNN has joined the fight to end modern-day slavery by shining a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery, amplifying the voices of the victims, highlighting success stories and helping unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.


Julia Perkins – Coalition of Immokolee Workers (CIW) – Freedom Network – The CIW’s co-founded the national Freedom Network USA and the Freedom Network Training Institute, and their Anti-Slavery Campaign has uncovered, investigated, and assisted in the prosecution of numerous multi-state, multi-worker farm slavery operations across the Southeastern U.S


Benjamin Greer and Grace Cotulla The Routes of Human Suffering.  How point-source and destination-source mapping can help victim services providers and law enforcement agencies effectively combat human trafficking.  The former Special Deputy Attorney General of California will discuss human trafficking routes, and discuss strategies that exist for identifying and dismantling trafficking networks.


John Beck – ESRI Industry Manager for Law Enforcement – GIS applications – How trafficking information can be integrated with geo-spatial data and GIS tools to assist law enforcement and NGO’s in combating human trafficking networks.


Nancy RivardTransportation industry efforts to combat human trafficking through training. Nancy is the President of Airline Ambassadors International, and will speak about AAI’s work with the U.S. airline industry.  Nancy will be returning from the INTERPOL conference on Human Trafficking and will also be providing an update from that event.


Lunch presentation by IBM – The role of big data in human trafficking investigation, reporting, and rescue. 


Scott SantoroDepartment of Homeland Security • Scott will be speaking about the DHS Blue Campaign and will host a panel discussion with Amtrak and Western Union (Blue Campaign certified partners).


Dr. Mohamed Mattar, – Executive Director, the Protection Project and Senior Research Professor of Law Johns Hopkins University – Advanced International Studies.  The impacts of human trafficking within the Middle East – understanding the issues.  


Priscila SiqueiraJournalist, is the Coordinator of the National Movement against the Trafficking of Persons and former Coordinator of the Political Prevention of Women and Children will discuss human trafficking in South America, the victimization in Brazil and the impact of the FIFA World Cup (Lessons from a world event).


Andy Desmond – Metropolitan Police, SCD9 Human Exploitation & Organized Crime, New Scotland Yard. Andy is internationally recognized for his knowledge and practical experience in the field of human trafficking in the Nigerian slave trade, and the exploitation of spiritual beliefs by organized crime to subvert community response or action.


Dave Rogers – Supervisory Special Agent – FBI Civil Rights Unit, (Program Manager for Human Trafficking investigations throughout the FBI). Examining the work of the FBI domestically and internationally, with a critical eye to the gaps that exist in achieving greater success in combating human trafficking.


Willem Pretorius – Team Leader – Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons (ARTIP) Project Willem will discuss the significant challenges for law enforcement for the investigation and prosecution of Trafficking In Persons cases in South East Asia, as well as the successes and progress that is being made.


DAY 2    

5 elective, concurrent training workshops

Law Enforcement:

  • DHS Scott Santoro – Digging deep into investigations – Looking at human trafficking
  • FBI Steve Vienneau – Child Sexual Exploitation investigations; resources available for state and local investigators and operational FBI Tasks Forces in this field.


Non-Governmental Organizations and Law Enforcement

  • Lambia Karitsiotis – Tackling compassion fatigue for support workers
  • Kiricak Yarbough-Smith – Family support for the victims of trafficking


Dr. Danielle Johnson – The Polaris Project

Human Trafficking Hotlines; Challenges and Benefits.

Domestic and International response to Human Trafficking.


Lead Facilitator Phil Culhane
Facilitation Introduction and instructions


ROUND 1 Facilitated Working Group Sessions (75min)


SSA Steve Vienneau – FBI Violent Crimes against Children Unit.  – Domestic and international investigations of the FBI, including resources availability for law enforcement and other partners.  Steve will also talk about gaps in resource and information requirements for law enforcement investigation.


Maria M. Odom – Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Maria will be talking about the DHS Blue Campaign, its successes and partnership and the challenges that continue to exist.


ROUND 2 Facilitated Working Group Sessions (75min)


ROUND 3 Facilitated Working Group Sessions (75min)



Benjamin Greer and Scott Dyle Legal Specialist with the California Department of State Hospital – Examining the horrendous nature of human trafficking by exposing the physical and psychological injuries victims are likely to endure and focusing on the victims mental health.


Michael Pittaro – Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at American Military University. Presenting on the challenges of police leadership in combating incidents of transnational human trafficking, and examining plausible recommendations based on his research to assist and support future global leadership and collaboration within and across police agencies.


ROUND 4 Facilitated Working Group Sessions (75 min)


ROUND 5 Facilitated Working Group Sessions (75 min)


ROUND 6 Facilitated Working Group Sessions (75 min)


DAY 4     


Dr. Halleh Seddighzadeh Ph.D, JDc, Forensic Traumatologist – Dr. Seddighzadeh is a Forensic Traumatologist and specializing in the psychological treatment of extreme forms of traumatic stress specifically in refugees who’ve experienced torture, genocide, as well as victims of human trafficking.  She is also the Founder and Chair of ARMAN (the Asylee, Refugee Migrant Assistance Network).


Action Planning  (90 minutes)

Commitment and going forward Phil Culhane and Kim Derry