The benefits of conferences

Last week GREAT, in collaboration with the Ontario Tech University hosted “Together Lets Stop Traffick” 2019 (the 2nd Annual Human Trafficking conference for Ontario Tech University). We were fortunate to be able to draw upon labour trafficking experts from the region and around the globe.

The event underscored the under reported nature of labour trafficking in Canada, as well the under resourced nature of the problem. However, the great work done by the Barrie Police Service in collaboration with the OPP and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) defined a new “best practice” in responding to human trafficking investigations. The presentation by Michelle Jansen (Barrie PS) and Amie Doucet outlined the process that the investigators undertook to ensure a “victim centered approach” in practice not just in words. The trauma informed, victim centered process was one that was applauded by other practitioners. NGO’s and victim advocates. Our hope is to support ongoing dialogue amongst the involved stakeholders and to detail the elements of this practices so that is can be replicated by other practitioners. This is the strength of dialogue.

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